Adhere to the integrity way Magnificent honesty person 2013.01.29

Beijing honest people set up 20 anniversary celebrations

Integrity - remember Beijing people cleaning services co., LTD's 20th anniversary celebrations

On January 26, 2013 at three o 'clock in the afternoon, Beijing integrity people cleaning services co., LTD., celebrated twentieth birthday. Company leaders Feng Yajun, up to Queensland, ji-guang Yang, Liang Ruidong to attend the celebration, Beijing cleaning industry association secretary-general ZhaiJiaLiang congratulations on the meeting.

Feng Yajun review, general manager of the company for 20 years past years and achievements. He said the company was registered from November 28, 1992, has already passed 20 during the spring and autumn. Can say, the good faith of 20 years of history, is a history of struggling for cleaning industry, a history of pursuit for health clean environment, a hard and unity, pragmatic, dedication, rigorous truth-seeking, innovation history!

Over the past 20 years, the good faith company, from scratch, since the childhood, one step at a time of travel. Company has been to "do the honest credit, do customer satisfaction" as the service concept, earnestly implement the "day by day, like a not a new sunrise, and" the quality policy, adhere to the road of specialization, marketization, socialization, competition in the industry, won the industry and market recognition, in June 2012 by Beijing cleaning industry colleagues elected as "Beijing cleaning industry association unit".

In the past 20 years, the company from the initial 5 people, development to the present nearly 5000 people, staff's quality enhances unceasingly, to enhance comprehensive ability, talent structure increasingly reasonable.

Over the past 20 years, the company project management from 1-2 single cleaning services, not regular business, development to the present professional cleaning service team, daily cleaning service over a long period, more than a project, more than 850 square meters, formed to cover the government office buildings, commercial, office buildings, hospitals, hotels, theaters and large complex as one of the characteristics of project management.

Feng Yajun general manager in his speech to the 20 years of hard work, selfless dedication to the company's employees expressed gratitude, also to the little-known, without complaint, thank you support and help the families of the staff, more to grow together, fight together, fulfill their duties, sharing weal and woe of the management team to express our heartfelt thanks. At the same time, he said: man's wealth is to be integrity, integrity of pillar is the unity of the broad masses of dedicated employees.

Over the next 20 years, the company will be more professional, more effective management mode, the "good faith" brand, in China, and even the world first-class enterprise in the field of cleaning industry.

Feng Yajun speech touched by the presence of all the staff, everyone to warm to the company's 20th birthday.

Beijing cleaning industry association secretary general Mr ZhaiJiaLiang expressed congratulations to the company on behalf of the association of twenty years old birthday, and strive to the company's leadership in 20 years is committed to the development of the cleaning service work to give a high degree of affirmation, the good faith company in Beijing to promote clean my heartfelt thanks to the efforts of the industry development. Zhai secretary-general, said the company over the next 20 years to good faith to create a healthy and clean environment work, hope honest people in enterprise management, project management, site management summed up the abundant experience, promote the development of work for the Beijing cleaning service.

In order to add the cheerful atmosphere to 20th anniversary celebration, the company's various projects department specially prepared entertainment programs, staff's singing and dancing at the same time, expressed the company 20 years birthday celebration, express appreciation to the employees concerned about the company. After the site selection, the national grand theater project department in drama "the flower" to get the program first, as an actor with von total issued 5000 yuan cash prize, she couldn't say a word, eyes flashing with excited tears, only 1: "thank you", to express thanks to the company and all the people all the time.

Canon in deqing, the company prepared a hearty dinner for employees, cups to celebrate this memorable moment. During, the employees in the form of a lottery won the leadership specially prepared the gift for employees. Employees excited mood hard to suppress, many employees, in order to express concerns about the company's leadership and the active power to one improvisation, again for the cheerful celebration was the climax of one another.

Celebration activities, Feng Yajun borrow 2013, general manager of the Spring Festival is coming, for every employee and their family sent to snake year the Spring Festival is the most sincere greetings, and at the same time, said the good faith company will always "adhere to the integrity, good faith".