Entering a new era A journey to what 2014.01.31

Beijing integrity people founded 21st anniversary

At three o 'clock in the afternoon on January 25, 2014, Beijing honest people cleaning service co., LTD held the 2014 Spring Festival evening party. Feng Yajun company chairman, vice chairman of ji-guang Yang, Liang Ruidong chen-yang zhao, general manager zhang hua and vice President, XiaoShanJun to attend the celebration, Beijing honest people and Beijing general manager of the company to the old leadership as much as he cleaning industry association secretary general Mr ZhaiJiaLiang to congratulate.

Honest people founded in 2013, is Beijing 21 years, was the key to entering a new era for one year. During the year, the company leading groups have been adjusted, the innovation of management system. In terms of human resources, absorb the social new forces, growing the company team, especially the management team is optimized; In management, resource allocation for each project sites, and formed a new pattern of the work, and ready for the next step of project management reform; In asset management, draw lessons from the company's management idea, make full use of social resources, aiming at zero inventory, the rectification of the all kinds of products the statistical system, supply system and settlement system, to better serve the purpose of operating basic work. In good faith of the company's new leadership efforts, have made Beijing municipal administrative institution of 2014-2015 realty service designated government procurement projects, new development has laid a solid foundation for the company.


Zhang, general manager in the celebration speech said: 2013 directors in handing new leadership company burden, in order to lead the honest people better development, live up to the directors of the expectations, the new leadership responsibility is significant. Back in 2013 the high achievements, it is inseparable with the efforts of each employee, leading cadres at all levels but also played a part. Looking forward to 2014, in the fierce market competition, enterprises still face a wide range of opportunities and severe challenges. So, enterprises must seize new opportunities, new challenges, with high sense of mission and sense of responsibility to promote the sustainable development of the company. Hope in the New Year together, create brilliant.

Beijing cleaning industry association secretary general Mr ZhaiJiaLiang on behalf of the association, the good faith company after 21 years of wind and rain journey, do contribution for the society, and congratulate the brilliant achievements. He said Beijing clean has gone through a journey of more than 20 years of service enterprises, upgrading of leadership has become a cleaning service industry of some enterprises a great event. Last year's Beijing integrity company leadership adjustment, represents the peer enterprises in Beijing leadership change work rhythm. And good faith the renewal of the leadership development is undoubtedly a success, the direction is right. Zhai secretary-general hope sincere people in leadership development, project management and reform, etc., not only promote the development of the enterprise itself, but also for the peer enterprises play a role model in Beijing, to promote the development of cleaning services in Beijing. Finally, wish the integrity of all staff under new leadership, and for the another fine cleaning service industry of Beijing.

Established the 21st year celebration in the company, employees with vigorous dancing "happy", for the unit with the project management company, has prepared a variety of programs such as singing and dancing, opusculum, reading, colorful, exquisite. Celebration, the company also prepared a hearty dinner for employees and generous gift. Employees to toast in the lively atmosphere of joy, celebrate this memorable moment.

Good faith company for sailing to the new 20 years, in high spirit, ready to go.